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Welcome to Pyrocidical Productions!

Ah, traveler, come and bask in the glorius fountain of knowledge that I, Pyrocide, posses. You seek humor? Poetry? Fundamental beliefs? you need only to view upon the colum to the left. there your satisfaction of the things will be fufilled.

Although this site is seen as a work of literarcy art, i have not whole-heartedly worked upon the making of such a world wonder. You must understand that most ideas come upon will o' the wisp timings. whenever some topic comes to mind, I will write it down, unless Jocko, the pet panda with a mind more complex than your own, does it, seeing how I am very busy with my life and do not need all of this to take up my small amounts of free time that I have left.

You may e-mail me and thank me for this life giving testiment to the freedoms of speech, liberty, and justice. In other words, my humoristic literature.

and now, your weekly pic...

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A cat; Actual size=240 pixels wide

it's not my cat, but it looks cool.

What's been going on in my life.
and other stuff like that.

yea, look here for mindless chat that will slowly take over your brain.

3-26-03 - Ok Folks, good news and, alittle bad news....bad news is, instead of archiving the news from the past like 2 years, that were currently up here till the 24th, i just deleted them. sorry guys, oh well.

     The Weekly Tribunal has been written, go, look, have fun.

3-24-03 - The members of Pyrocidical Productions Inc. , aka, the people who bring you this site, are deeply sorry for the inconvienience. we understand that not updating for almost a full year is quite horrible, but we do thank the people that hung around long enough to see this. Jocko, Cybershark and I were doing some soul-searching the pasr few weeks to see if we should even let the site stay on. In the end though, The desicion was made to continue the site's progress. Now that the serious part of the news is over, we'll hear about what's new in Pyrocidical Productions inc.


     The three site managers will now have weekly corner's, starting with myself, Pyrocide. Every week the team will bring a debate, topic, or just something they wanted everyone to know about for that week. This way there will no longer be any breaks within the updating schedule, like last time.


     we'll be doing away with some of the oldest material, or, at least, place them in an archive section, so, make sure to read all the files you haven't, before they're gone!


     One last thing.....The team will bring you a monthly or perhaps even weekly page about the best thing to ever made created.... Magic: The Gathering! So, if you need constructed assisstance or advice in general, send us a letter, we'd love to hear from ya!

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