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When I Rule the World

My list of rules and regulations


1. All families must show respect to me. If so, they will be rewarded. If not, they will be shown Mike, the mad little midget.

2. All childeren under the age of 13 must be taught about the ways of the gansta

3. All childeren over 13 will be taught the tae-kwan-doe or kung-foo fighting style.

4. All childeren over 18 will be taught weapons training and chemical and explosive warfare

5. Any person capable of hacking skills will be required to only hack into government files or to put viruses into all boy band websites.

6. As a matter of fact, there will be no boy bands.

7. Exept heavy metal or rap.

8. All guys capable of lifting wieghts will be made unable.

9. guns will be aviable to the public at your nearest grocery store or school snack store.

10. school shootings will become a weekly sporting event.

11. all humans will be required to learn hacking skills.

12. midgets will be pets for taller humans.

13. new currency will consist of ammo.

14. the world flag will consist of a monkey in a trench coat with 2 oozies.

15. dress code will consist of
a. for girls the bruised pallet of blue purple and black.
b. for boys the dried blood pallet of red and black

16. failure to do these things will result in
a. girls, my personal servent for 1 week. get the slippers!
b. boys, 1 week of jail time with jocko the panda

more rules to come