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Racoon Robs Bank, Mr.T Suspected

well, it was either him or little richie...

roughly at noon yesterday, a small black and white racoon scampered into a local first national. The raccon then handed the teller, a Mrs.Blone, a paper. The paper was asking for 50 millon dollars in 10's 20's and 10 50's. The teller replied it was 'cute' 'wonderfully adorable' and 'reminded me of my neighbor'. She then gave the Racoon the correct amount of money, and then was overheard saying, 'do you want any five's with that?' and then laughing while the raccon scooted out of the bank.
As for this reporters thoughts, i belive that the public school systems are brainwashing people everywhere to act stoopid, but that's a different story altogether. This is Pyrocidius Reportius signing out.

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