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The Zero Theory

Why Linkin Park's "In The End" makes so much sense.....

This theory has been made and tested by the pyrocidical productions, a.k.a., me. The theory explains...

1. everything equals a relative nothing. The way this really works is that you take whatever number of things that a person, people, or thing does or creates or accomplishes, and divide that by the amount of planets and space not with that creation or doing or accomplishment.

to put in easier terms....

N divided by infinity.

this creates a relative zero. what I mean by that is that whatever the number be, it is divided by infinaty, thus creating a number such as 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
which is a relative zero.

2. Infinaty is no longer a googleplex hence it's use as a number.

this states that the following statement is inncorrect, but is the only way to view the matter, er, non-matter.
reason being
if infinaty is set with a equasion, then infinaty is then shown as a set number and not infinaty. Although the problem above is written as
N divided by Infinaty
infinaty has now become X. a variable and a set number.

3. estimation by these rules have become unestamatable.
If you estimate a number, then that number has become a variable, because it can be estimated at different lengths, and has become infinaty. this re-states that all numbers are equal to a relative zero in that all numbers are rounded, seeing how no 2 things are ever exactly the same. meaning that all numbers are infinaty, and therefor a relative zero.

4. Any number can equal any other number that you wish it to.
If all the above is correct, then once a number becomes infinaty, then it may become a variable, and thus becoming any other number that the variable justifies. But this theory does not matter, as stated in number one, all numbers equal a relative zero.

In conclusion....

Math is forever a void in which everything becomes nothing, and knowledge collapses over itself. This is why this is only a theory, and not a law. if it were a scientific law, then the entire planetary comunication would be destroyed under it's use. In other words.

The use of the theory in fact would cease to exist. The theory would become nothingness, and so would everything else we understand.

Imporatant Notice: this theory has been published upon dec, 5, 2001. Any re-use of this theory is illegal unless with the written permission of pyrocidical productions inc. or the creator of the theory, Pyrocide, Cyber$hark, or Jocko the Panda. All views of the writer may or may not be the thoughts of Pyrocidical productions inc. as a whole. Don't walk on the grass. Please don't feed the panda, and have a nice day.