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The Glory of Zygon. (my new book!)

The first chapter of the book, anyways...

Enter Jim

Yea, what do you want, civilian? asked general Gale. He was a stout but built man. he
was alittle smaller than normal, but his muscles outweighed his size.

I wish to be part of the Zygon Army, Sir. said Jim. He, unlike Gale, was a tall, skinny,
pale and not anything like a solider would seem. He looked as though he was going to be shot if
he didnt join the Zygon Army though, something had him spooked.

All right then, lets see what your best at, replied Gale. Then, the general walked off
into a darkened room. Stay right there, Ill be back in a second. There sat Jim, wondering
what the general was doing. A secret device that detects both weaknesses and strengths in
different combat areas? no, not even the government could have that, even at this day in age.
thought Jim.

The year, if it matters, is 263 a.s.c.(after second coming). After the second coming of
Christ, and the explanation of religion, everyone found out that every god created, or every
prospect known, were all of the same people, either using different names or the names being
giving to them hence their arrival. It came to be that the new religion that came from this was
known as neorelisim, or belief of all past religions. From this there came the ultimate answer to
life, the universe, and everything. The afterlife was the answer. What you did in the life
represents what happens to you later-wise.

From this, there was then the great colonization of the neighboring universes, finding that
there was in fact, different species out there, which was no longer out there, being right here, if
that made any sense. Then, the civil war of 143 a.s.c. between the New Earth Alliance and the
Outer Rim Republic. Although the main reason for the war is still mostly unknown, the decision
is not. The Outer Rim Republic won, and established justice among the planets. This did not last
long, for only 2 years later, the Outer Rims Leader was assassinated, and thus broke the Outer
Rim Alliance, cause several large nations of other planets to attack smaller ones, gaining land
and superiority.

The two largest of the continents were Zygon and Hermety, which were on opposite
sides of the largest outer rim planet, Tygob. This meant that there were soon to be a large battle
over the entire planet. Zygon, Jims homeplanet, was named after the Biblical Zion; a beautiful
place that made you feel as though you had died and passed on, and this was paradise.
Hermety was once a peaceful land, and rather liked it that way, thus entitling itself, hermety,
after the old hermit dictator of 14 a.s.c.

here, put this around your wrist, stated Gale, with no enthusiasm, walking from the
dark room. As Jim watched Gale closely, he just now noticed the minor details of the generals
outward appearance. Gale had white hair, a small gray mustache, and a metallic hand...or was it
an arm? He couldnt quite be sure, seeing how his uniform covered it. Perhaps he had an entire
metallic half, his organic side being blown away by a hand grenade or a small missile.

Jim watched closely. thats a lie detector, isnt it? asked Jim. Jim was even paler,
seeing how this was not quite what he was suspecting. his black hair felt more spiked up than
normal, probably just the hair standing up on the back of my neck he thought.

sure is. This way we can make sure you dont become a sitting duck in a tank if youve
never drove one and you say you have. explained Gale. He had already seen the damage that
can be done by almost killed him.

So Jim wrapped the elastic around his wrist. Little lights blinked, and the machine which
was hooked with it made a whirling noise. Ok, now what? There afterward, the general asked
some normal questions like whats your name, how old are you, and other things, which the lie
detector came up true on each.

Okay. Any law experience? questioned Gale.

No sir, replied Jim. A green light flashed.

Martial art? replied Gale

Jim spoke, I used to take alittle Tae Kwan Do....but thats when I was about twelve, I
dont think It would help much.. He felt as though this were an interrogation process, not a
sign-up list.

One last one. Do you believe that you can fire at the opposition, to kill? asked Gale.
He knew this question would come up false. It always has. Even he could not kill a heremtian
outright. Especially a citizen. There is a code of ethics even soldiers feel they should follow. This
is why the civil war of the colonies had never increased beyond large missiles. There was no
reason to kill anything more than military targets.

yes, said Jim. Green light. He knew he could. His father, only twenty-one at the time,
was drafted for the war that went on till now, right when Jim could enter. He was 14 when news
of his fathers death had arrived. This lead to extreme hate and anguish against all living
creatures. He was forced to quit martial art for his over-aggressiveness, and then kicked out of
school from fighting repetitively.

wow. your the first one Ive seen actually not detected for lying on that last question,
but they say that this is so advanced that it doesnt make mistakes. Everything makes mistakes.
Even robots. Nothings perfect. Well, son, your in, and depending on the results, Ill be
assigning you to a position.replied Gale. untill then, you will go to Boot Camp for six weeks,
learning how not to get killed out there.

Thank you sir. Jim said as he walked out the door. The day was bright. The twin suns
had just finished passing noon. This made Jim hungry. He knew he hadnt eaten for awhile. He
strode to a local Deli. Petersons it was. whats good today? Jim inquired.

We have a nice deal on foot-long submarine sandwiches going on. Two for one!
Hows that sound?asked the store cashierman. Jim knew he was hungry, but not that hungry.
Still, two for one? He could save himself the cost of buying more for supper.

sure. Why not. Gimme a ham and cheese sub, and the freebie will be a club-sub. He
was grateful now of buying the sandwhiches. Submarines were his absolute most favorite food,
second only to submarines on an empty stomach.

As Jim walked out of the store a hand bore across his shoulder. Hey babe. whatcha
been up to? replied Jim as he spun around to see his girlfriend, Sonya.

Your leaving and not even telling me?!?!? Sonya half screamed, half pouted. I dont
think I can handle that. Soyna was a normal girl. Normal intelligence, normal size, and normal
attitude, not like many people left in the Outer Rim. her hair blonde, eyes blue, somewhat tall.
she wasnt one of those people that went with anybody she came across, she was actully a
pretty good girl, going to the neorealism serivices more than he did, but hey, nobodys perfect.

Jim smiled and replied, its only till the war is over. it wont be long. trust me. The time
will fly by-

a sandwhich? for me? now we can eat together! said Sonya. Although she was kinda
smart, her mind did waver abit.

great. I guess i still have to buy supper for myself., thought Jim. but what did it matter?
he hadnt planned on buying just one in the first place. They found a bench by a bus stop, and
decided to eat there, having long since passing the deli. There they talked, first of just normal
hows your day thing, but as the subs vanished, the happiness of the topics did too.

ok, so, your sure they wont put you on the front line as soon as your in? I mean, you
know how everything works in this system. They say one thing, then do the complete opposite
wonce it cant be stopped. Pleaded Sonya. She knew he had a bad past, but that didnt mean
that she didnt like him, but for some reason, she knew it wasnt in her hands to turn him back

Jim reassured her, Yea, Im sure. Im not a good frontman. I think they belive Ill be
best as a robotic driver. Those are alot safer. he hoped. he really had no idea what they would
put him in, but whatever it was hed kill off some hermetians, whether it be a robot suit or a
standard issue automatic phantom. Ah, the phantom. The gun that replaced all other
convientional warfare. The phantom uses a plasmatic charge, mixed with a small laser light, to
make an exploding ball of energy. this weapon, of course, is not capable of serious damage to
metal, but can cause quite alot of holes in infantry armor, piercing skin as well as armor,
exploding on contact, making the target lose a chunk of there ribs, or thighs, depending on the
case. The phantom created a new line of weaponry, the plasmics. weapons using plasma to bust
through thick metal or cause wide spread damage to infantry. the Nova, a plasmitic mortar, can
take out close to all forms of a.d. tanks, but as new weaponry rises, so shall tougher
alloies-thus, the platanium-a cross between platinum and titanium and various metals makes the
field even again. but this metal is too heavy for a solider of any caliber to wear.

After alittle more talking, and pleading, and reassuring, and saddness, Jim departed
from Sonya. He walked down the street to his apartment. Even in new technology, the
apartments still seemed as slummy as ever. Jim thought aloud, midst the many ears swarming
through the streets, One more day, then Im out of this rat race. Speaking of which, I forgot to
tell my manager that I resigned. After he got into his apartment, he watched a sci-fi movie
about the end days. Is this a dark omen? he thought. he would soon know. He promptley fell
asleep after which, which would be his last day of good sleep for six months.

sorry for the choppy lines. i just cut & pasted the thing, so that's why it's like that.