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Beliefs and Opinions

Here's what I think...

My Philosophy

In this column, I'll talk about some of my deepest beliefs. What do I think are the most important ideas that someone should rule their life by? What are my religious beliefs? My political beliefs?

I'm going to use this column to write about my beliefs about specific issues, such as:


what is normal? really? normal is the average thing of many different people. but that doesn't mean that a single person does the norm. say, the normal person doesn't care either way about the new pres. wrong. I mean, you have to have ideas about Bush, right, wrong, big, or small, you still have problems and agreements. there is no normal. It's like saying I'm a normal white boy. It don't work. Popular people aren't normal people, gothic people aren't normal people, and trashy people aren't normal. For that matter, no person is in no way normal.

Random Stuff That I Have Recently Thought About.

what are friends?
friends are enemies that want you to belive that they belive in everything you say.

what is money?
money is piecies of paper. it symbolizes something that you may have worked for.

what is work?
paid slavery

what is slavery?
(see life.)

what is symbolizing?
symbolizing is the act of making a symbol.

what's a symbol?
a symbol is something we put to distract us from the truth. a symbol can be anything as long as you lose sight of reality

what is reality?
(see life.)

what does money symbolize?
money symbolizes power. but, since it only symbolizes it, it truly nothing.

what is power?
a symbol of security.

what is security?
a symbol of knowingness

what is knowingness?
knowingness is the ability to know.

what is know?
know is what you think you understand.

what is nothing?
nothing is truly the only word that means what it is.

what is truly?
truly is a word for complete truth

what is truth?
(see life.)

what is life?
life is the ability to live. life is the true meaning of living. life is the way in which we live, work, and die. we must live in order to do anything. if you truly live, then you will understand my meanings and understandings.


What is time? time is a idea of knowing more than you think you know. time is here to asure us of something we have not dreamed of. who got to decide what time was? who said a second must be this long and a hour is 60 seconds? why can't and hours be 100 seconds? why must a second me so exact? the only real time is night and day. the rest we have made up to fool oursleves into thinking that we have controll over everything.


luck is nothing more than having a better day than you normally have. if someone is always lucky, then how is he lucky? he is always in he same state, never getting worse or better. also, if someone is always unlucky, then they are also normal, just on a lower scale. and as a side note, how can 1 e-mail change the amount of 'luck' you have? if you send this to 8 people, then you'll have bad luck for 2 years. i usally flame the person that sent that to me. there is no way something that has only 1 function, which is to show something typed down on it and sent across the net to me, can have any different of an outlook upon me.
as for the origion of luck, during the early american years, people wearing a rabbit's foot were considered witches that wanted good fortune. they were hanged. so, unless you want to be strung up like the rest of em, don't use the word luck around me.

My Opinions on Current Events

here, i'll right about junk that's happening recently, so you can know about what i think about it.

Here's an example of a format I might use:


World War 3 has actully come upon us. wierd. i mean, i was only jokin'.


did you hear about that guy trying to put up an anarchy flag during the inoguration(spell check plz) too bad he didn't make it all the way...

Do you agree or disagree with my beliefs and opinions? Too bad. this is the way i feel so if you don't like it, you can repeatedly beat your thigh with a lamp post.