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About Me

Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

Great. the mandatory who-the-crap-am-I page. here, go read on.

also, since i can't ever get any scanned pictures of myself and everything else about me, i'll just use the pictures already given to me by isn't this car cool?

anyway, my real name is ----(cencored)---- i'm 6'4 blue eyes, turning green every once in a while. pale skin, brown hair, small eyes...

i am always on the computer. if not, i'm drumming up a storm or practing in Tae Kwan Do. i want to play football, but i am held back by my parents. they don't want me to get hurt. oh well.

i play drums in the high school band. usally the largest bass drum, seeing as i'm pretty big and tall, i can carry one easily. besides that, i'm on snare, quads, or some orther drum.

Oh yea, i'm training at Kennith Fouse's Tae Kawn Do. I am a probationary 1st degree black belt. so watch your back if I don't like you. I'd say that i'm about $th in my class, including my instructor.

I also write and draw during my free time. i'm not that great of an artist, but, as you can see, i'm pretty good with my poetry and stories. If you need any poems by Mississippian writers, just e-mail me.

A truck; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Favorite Quotes

wanna hear my new quote?

there is no spoon
Neo, Matrix

Favorite Stuff

since decided to put this here, i guess i'll add what i like best on these subjects.

Favorite TV Show: anything that's anime
Favorite Movie: Matrix, close second Akria
Favorite Music: anything besides country
Favorite Book: The lord of the rings
Favorite Sports Team: Team sinister from battlebots
Favorite Food: Pizza
People I Most Admire: Hackers

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