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The Weekly Tribunal

The only place where co-workers can come together to disagree.....

Welcome to our little corner of the world web, distorted, or course.....
Anyway, this is where myself, Cybershark and Jocko come to discuss different things. Today, we will be talking about the ever-rising war in Iraq, and possiblities of other war-like issues. Anyway, just read it. You'll see how the format is once you do.
Pyrocide: So, The war on Iraq is, to many protestors, an oil war?
Cybershark: I understand....It's complete idoicy....we're doing this cause of the threat of more violence....
Jocko: ummmm....were doing it cause we had two towers....and now they're gone!Blow them all up!
Pyro : I understand why were having the war, it's just that everyone else doesn' System of a Down's "Boom." It's not that they're a bad group, it's that peace cannot solve everything. People should know that.
Cyber: Like I said man, the IQ of the general populas has plumitted over the past century.  I'm with Jocko on this one. Blow them all up!
Jocko: You know what we gotta do now, right? we gotta revise the WWIII cenario you wrote awhile back. what's gonna happen is that china will help the north koreans when the us goes to clean them up....and there ya go.
Cyber: true. But what about the super warships the chinese had?
Pyro: I saw on the news the other day about three cruiser ships floating around in the pacific..... maybe that was them?
Cyber: possibly.
Jocko: well then....That'll be interesting. Oh, one more note before we end this. Peace Portestors SUCK.
Cyber: Calm down Jocko.
Jocko: ROAR!
(at this time Pyrocide ahnds Jocko and pair of fresh fish, and calms him down some before continuing)
Pyro: Jocko has a valid point. I guess they really don't care if the terroirists blow away a few it, re-decorating, i guess.  oh, as my side note, i'd like to loudly proclaim that the dixie chicks will burn for all the trouble they caused.  can't wait to watch it happen.
Cyber:, what have we learned today?
Pyro: that burning other's flesh is both entertaining and fun?
Cyber ...
Jocko: Fish scales taste like the end of a 100 year old school desk?
Cyber: no.... we learned that the dixie chicks are trying to lose fans....that and many of the protesters of war are largely misinformed or uncaring.
Pyro: good lesson indeed.
Cyber: yeah, well, anyway. Peace out. That's all for this week. Next week, Thoughts about the upcoming matrix movie and other things assosiated with all that. thanks for reading the commentary. later peeps.

Would you like to be a guest commentator for the weekly tribunal? just send a line to . we'll make sure to fit you in!