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Thoughts For WW III

and why we won't last...

seeing the more and more ever popular country terrorism and spy planes and things of that sort, I belive that soon there will be world war 3. in the next paragraphs, i shall explain the teams, the fights, and how we are are killed in the nuclear holocost that is to come.

The Teams


New Axis
(with the help of suddam)


Since japan and russia recently have signed a treaty of allies, they will feel pity towards china, which had another spy plane in the area of China's nuclear battleship, or as I like to call it, "Tsunami I." Because the US had another plane looking at it, The Chinesse went to war with US. Feeling that the US had the right to fly over China without permission, and also they owe the US one for the last WW, both France and Britian ally with the US.
Also, Saddam, playing a small roll in the war, sells the New Axis some nukes and other weapons, ammo, supplies, and men, which none whoever say that they were with saddam in the first place. now on to the story...

Day 1, supprise attack on china's "tsunami I." we send many of the new stealth bombers over to blast tsunam I to pieces. The attempt works, and they name a line of cars after the sleath bombers.

Day 2. England coastal cities bombed by "tsunami II." Although US spies had detected the first tsunami, they had no idea about a second. The US goes for an attack route upon II. Russia blocks US's route, because of heavy fighter planes intersecting their path.

Day 3. After a large uppsetting victory over the US, the Russains decide to fly over new york. they are shot down by many heavy GTA(ground to air) missiles, but not with out casualties. MTV's main office is destroyed by a crashing plane, killing Carson Daily, which leads to the massive suicide of his followers.

Day 4. After being attacked again and again, The US gov. decides to lighten the sprits of the nation, by plaing a boy band a thon. a hidden japanesse terrorist assassinates both the wak-street boys and N'stink. The world is overjoiced, and calls forth a peace treaty with the New Axis.

Day 5. Beacuse china was late for the treaty signing, and France really didn't care, and the canaidians said someone has to fight, but we can't cuase were neutral, the peace treaty was destroyed.

Day 6. Tsunami II and III(yep, there's a third.) begin to bombard the american coastline.England and France Try to destroy the battleships, but their 2 planes put together didn't help. In fact, the planes ended up getting shot and crashing into the US, destroying Rohde Island and Vermont all at once.

Day 7. Well, nobody really foght that day, cause it was Sunday and all.

to be continued...