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A Day in the Life of Pyrocide

this is what happens throughout my day.

5:00-wake up

6:00-get ready for school.

7:00-get on bus

8:00-first class-Bilogy-morning, ugh... why must i be here?

9:00-second class-Geometry..ah, the joy of math.

10:00-Acc English- What i still gotsa take this englamish? I think be knowing my ebonics already.

11:00-lunch. ugh. stramboli today. yum.

11:30-Geography- maps... yay.

12:30-Computer Assit. the nothing class

1:45-band-sleepy time. get woke up in time for the next bell.

2:30-Tech discovery-i really could care less for this class. to much work.

3:15-go home. do stuff

about 9:00 or later-go to bed.

midnight-get up for a round of whack a seal. you just take a club, wait for a seal to come to you, then strike over head repeatedly.

ok, it's alittle boring, but, that's my life.