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there's no old news

here's the old news from month's past...

1-2-02- happy b-day to me. i'll try to put these news articles in the archives soon. plus, any donations to the completion of my book would be great.

1-01-02- happy new year. my b-day is tommarrow. gimme money.

12-30-01 the first chapter of my book has been released for one day and i have already gotten some e-mails about it! cool!

12-29-01 ah! pyrocidical production's first income! i have completed the website for Kenneth Fouse's Tae Kwon Do Plus website! it's site is enjoy!

12-28-01 so, you want something for x-mas do you? you greedy little snob? ok! here. chapter 1 of my new book, the glory of Zygon. but if you want to read any more, you'll have to e-mail for it! hahah i AM the grench of website christmas!!!

12-23-01 oh yea... merry christmas, 2 days in advance.

12-18-01 Pyrocidical Productions page has been created. Also, Cyber$hark has made a new pic! (note: earlier pic.s were all from Cyber$hark...that's why we added him...)

12-17-01- ah, we have a new worker for the pyrocide website! cybershark! he'll be helping with pic.s and doing some newer articles! give him praise!

12-5-01 the zero theory has been introduced. gain wisdom upon your reading of it's wonderful page.

11-25-01 A new poem has come upon us! read it!

11-19-01 wow. it's almost thanksgiving and I haven't updated. maybe I should. hmm.... naa,.. oh wait. doh!

11-2-01 Alright, let's see, what would appeal to me? Maybe some poems soon...peace.

10-31-01 happy pagon fall festival!

10-28-01 close to hallow's eve. woopie!

10-24-01 ...time to update the pic, and no pic to update with...sorry for the slight inncovienence...Hey, i'll try to add a poem instead. check back for further info.

10-17-01 I have a question. can anyone tell me where to find C++ programming guides and c++ program makers? e-mail with your answer(s).

10-14-01 ...unknown updates....becoming frequent...

10-7-01-America attacks. america on alert. america defends itself from attacks by towel-head, although if they got another airplane hijacked, we couldn't do anything exept shoot it down and kill alot of people... have you noticed like i have that there are way too many freaking america does something banners on the news? maybe it's just me...

10-3-01 Hey, Pyrocide here, reminding all that wish to read about updates and past news to read the news archives... from now on all news older than 3 month packs will be placed in the archives. that's about it. plus, a new pic of the week!

9/30/01-yo, wazzup? if anyone wants any poems, stories, or pic.s, just mail me! i can get you some quickly. that's all. see ya.

9/28/01-yawn. it's late. i have nothing to do. exept update.

9/27/01- pic of the week is here! cool! ok, see ya.

9/26/01- skool sux. oh well. check it out. Jocko the panda is here. that's cool. that's gonna be about it. peace.

9/14/01-day 3 of WWIII. prayer service. woopie.

9/12/01-Day 1 of the true WWIII. it doesn't seem to happen as i thought it would. I never saw the packastainians(or whatever those sand-rats are called) comming into the fray. oh well...

9/8/01-skool is boring. check out invasion skool, wwIII, and racoon robs bank!

8/17/01- Friday. one week through heck. not as bad as first thought. look for new stuff coming soon.

whatever-the-day-it-is-01- skool starts tomarrow. i'm not all that upset. yea, right. oh yea, check out what to do when you run out of ideas. that's all. peace.

5-1-01- it's may. yeay.

4-26-01-i'm gonna do something with this site soon. check back often.

4-11-01-another update. woo hoo.

3-21-01-long time, no update. well, here's a new section for ya. my domination of the world. check it out.

2-27-01-man i needed to update. well, there ya go.

2-19-01-yea. hey. another update. i'm in a bad mood. i have no comp. i have to update from school. makes me want to kill something. my e-mail has been changed since i have no comp. it's so use this. that's all, go on with yor pathetic life.

2-12-01-happy Valentine. just thought i'd update.

2-7-01- yo. very soon, you will all be able to read pyrocide 2. whenever i get that done. also, i need somebody to get me some traffic. any suggestions? e-mail me. till then. peace.

2-5-01- WAZZZZUP? hey, go check out - they got this wassup thing going on. funny!

2-3-01- i put up a sweet poem in the writing and artwork section, go read it!

1-31-01-found out that tripod isn really sad. it doesn't give me many choices on what my page can look like. so i'll find somethin better... till then it's just this.

1-29-01-hey. since this is my showable site, i'm gonna make another one that's more suited to my life....destruction....

1-28-01 (cont.)-well, i guess it wasn't all, cause i fixed the last bug or two and made a day in the life of pyrocide look alittle more professional. i must sleep now, time to go back to the concentration camps.

1-28-01-it's sun. i have nothing better to do. now you get things to make you think. ok, i guess that's all. g-day!

1-27-01-it's sat. yea! wen to lazer mania, i gotta do that more often. anyway, changed some bugs and stuff. cool site huh? peace out.

1-26-01-The first day of the pyrocide. well, it's pretty good, now that we cut the cord and spanked this new born baby called a website. This might be what my uncle was talking about. a "friendly website." well, just surf around, tell me how good it is, you know the drill.

1-25-01-i thought, hey, why don't i make a webpage? so, tomarrow, i'm gonna make this website. me!