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My domination of the World

The tour of my dominion

(note: of course i'm not going to take the world, but this is what i'd do if i did.)

day 1: for the next 3 and 3/4 weeks, i'll gather up all the big drug dealers and mug them of they're money and drugs, which i'll sell for good money.

real day 1: after buying 6 or 7 nukes, an armada of tanks, and tons of men and machine guns, i'll make a swoop throughout russia, comeing through alaska and going out from siberia. with that i will own many more supplies for my army.

day 2: fly to asia, and take a large foothold on it's soil, taking controll of the asian capital. there i'll get air force powers, including afew more nuclear weapons.

day 3: flying over japan, i'll come to my mightest fight, cause japan has some sweet technology, i'll be carefull to not destroy the mass production of those robotic factories.
at the same time, i'll have some spies come and bribe americans to cross sides. i'll also get a sniper to assinate the president, so as to make commotion in the gov. so as to make it an easy target.

day 4: over towards france, i'll be using one nuke to show my power. after the nuke, i'll siege the main european countries, england, what's left of france, Italy, and some others, while taking there supplies and troops.

day 5: the bribed forces in the USA will take controll of the white house while I siege New York and other coastal cities. if they decide to nuke my forces, they'll hurt themselves in the process. so i think they'll decide against it.

day 6: with all the major countries under my controll, i'll take over africa and other smaller, non-important places.

afterwards:I will give the world a better place in which to live. so thank me, and you won't be nuked before the war ends.

also: i'll come up with a process of eliminating the radioactive waste produced by the atomic bombs.

do you see a flaw in my plan? e-mail me at--