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Invasion: skool

an alien's atempt to go to skool.

week 1- this is my first transmission. i have walked to a nearby 'street' and i have found that when you step close to the 'street' a large yellow metalic creature rolls up to you. many humans travel in these creatures. there seems to be one creature taiming human, that can make the yellow creature go or stop. the human tells me to board the creature, and i do so, not wanting to be out of place with the humans. upon entering, i noticed that there are places cut out inside the creature. The humans use the areas to sit upon. i do so as well. I find that this is a very primitive means of transportation, seeing how they are still dependent of the lower creatures. I asked one of the humans what this creature was called and he replied, "you retarted mother farter, it's a freakin' bus!" He then procedded to make loud amusing noises. i tried to mimic his amusing noises, and then he took his right paw and placed it heavily across my face. Then, many people make the same loud amusing noises, and that's all I remembered untill I woke at the local reablitating center. they said that I sustained a concussion. Concussion. this word, what does it mean? maybe i have been accepted into the human's culture? good, good. now, to investigate and understand how the humans think, and then we will rule! yes!...
tune in next time for week 2 of invasion: skool

next week...The Alien meets Special Steve!